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How timesheet to bill was transformed with EPG Payroll & HR

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“Nurses Now’s growth hasn’t come without its challenges. It’s taken hard work combined with an investment in technology to transform our operations. EPG’s guidance and continued support since our early beginnings has provided better efficiency around servicing clients and our most vulnerable communities.”

Grant Pericleous, Chief Executive Officer, Nurses Now


A family-owned and operated Australian nursing agency providing 24-hour on-call staff to those in need across aged care, acute care and disability support services.


Technology as a helping hand

A client since 2009, EPG has been managing Nurses Now’s payroll since their early beginnings with a handful of employees and clients working with paper timesheets. Today, seamless timesheet to billing workflows and supporting technology integrations have created better efficiencies across payroll, supporting the multi-award winning recruiters to send out over 500 registered nurses weekly across New South Wales for both temporary and permanent placements.


Laying the groundwork for success
  • Paper pain point: Nurses Now initially sent handwritten paper timesheets to EPG for manual upload and payroll calculation, including multiple timesheets for work completed in different facilities in the same week.
  • Scratching that billing itch: Upon receiving timesheet data, a significant amount of time was required by EPG each week to manually create and send Nurses Now client invoices. This was due to accounting software unable to support the variables required such as pay rate per site, per client, nurses’ professional level and time of day worked. Hours of additional hours were also required each week by Nurses Now to manually upload these invoices into their accounting system, MYOB.
  • Investing in technology: Nurses Now then invested in their own tailored software to manage online timesheets as well as upload new employee details – the beginning of tech-driven process improvement around their payroll. 
  • Time to simplify timesheets and billing: In 2019, EPG’s time-to-bill technology was introduced to further enhance Nurses Now’s workflows. Timesheet data is uploaded into an environment where all pay and charge rates have been pre-defined. The data import automatically calculates the payroll for Nurses Now’s employees and simultaneously creates their client invoices.
  • Smart integration: Once payroll and invoices are approved by Nurses Now, EPG import invoices directly into Nurses Now’s MYOB via a seamless integration that also allows them to release client invoices direct, eliminating email.








Technology combined with payroll power

Outsourcing their payroll and billing to EPG has allowed Nurses Now to go from strength to strength and achieve award-wining status across New South Wales.

From their early beginnings, a willingness to look at technology solutions that simplify workforce management has allowed the leading nursing agency to scale up fast, transform internal processes for all stakeholders and dramatically reduce the time needed to carry out timesheet to bill workflows.

Implementing our time-to-bill technology has streamlined what was previously a complicated payroll and invoicing workflow and brought a new level of efficiency to Nurses Now's operations.

Daniel James, EPG Payroll & HR Chief Operations Officer, ANZ​

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