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“The amazing journey I’ve been on couldn’t have been possible without the assurance I’ve received from EPG. The visibility I have in the one ecosystem across my people and payroll allows me to ask the right questions and strategise what initiatives are needed for continued growth.”

Jonathan Hopes, Managing Director, Atom Resources


A leading labour recruitment provider for Australia’s construction, manufacturing & engineering industries and two-time winner of the Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters Awards.


Establishing a compliant business model 

As a start-up in 2016 with a fluid workforce and one of the most difficult pay regimes to navigate, Atom Resources knew there was value in passing on the middle office admin for all their contractor onboarding, timesheets, payroll processing, sales invoice generation and margin reporting. It has not only delivered true visibility and efficiency across Atom’s operations but complements a successful recruitment model that maintains the integrity of its blue-collar workforce.


Simplifying processes for
a complex workforce
  • Managed payroll services: Atom engaged EPG to process payments for their independent contractors and interposed entities accurately and compliantly while they focus on building a strong client base.
  • Process improvement: EPG transitioned Atom over to HCM platform Expedo to handle the growing complexities of their blue-collar labour hire industry.
  • Fast redeployment: Upon receiving an initial employment contract, Atom can send updated assignment specifications, avoiding the need to re-onboard.
  • Seamless integration: New contractor data received from JobAdder automatically flows into Expedo. From there, workers receive one link to paperless onboarding and required WH&S inductions, with their payroll data syncing with EPG’s systems.
  • Time to bill: Expedo’s flexible assignment
    architecture calculates shift wages, allowances,
    overtime and industry award based on the worker’s timesheet and pushes data through to EPG’s payroll processing software. Multiple clients can be invoiced in a single batch and timesheet approvals automatically attached with audit trails for faster payments.
  • Margin reporting: Real-time reports and
    forecasting provide actionable business insights and performance remuneration analytics per consultant, including the ability to split payments for commission purposes.


20,000+ PAYROLLS

processed annually


in only four years


across Australia


The evolution of success

The establishment of more streamlined workflows respect the end-to-end contingent worker journey, while also creating a greater user experience for Atom Resources’ recruitment teams and end clients. 

Remaining competitive and compliant is a hard space to be in, yet Atom Resources have established themselves as a reputable supplier for likeminded clients.

By collaborating with EPG on continual process improvement, Atom Resources have created an award-winning business model that lays the foundation for long-term success.

We’ve built a bulletproof competitive model that’s been refined, is scalable and has contributed to Atom’s skyrocketing success

Daniel James, EPG Payroll & HR Chief Operations Officer, ANZ