We’re just going to state the obvious: paperless employee onboarding is a no-brainer first step to creating better efficiencies around engaging your new hires. But let’s be clear about something – it’s not just about saving time and paper; there are lots of paperless onboarding software providers out there.

A point of difference to look for is the consideration that’s gone into this often banal but super-important HR requirement. The best-practice guidance around the onboarding process that ensures your worker is employment-compliant from the get-go. The advisory underpinning that saves you racking up a hefty legal bill or getting on the phone with an HR team to access this same information. Your tech, in effect, becoming your voice of authority.

Onboarding in a nutshell

Bringing a new employee or contractor into your company is often a paper-based, time-consuming process completed on your worker’s first day. You capture personal payroll info such as bank accounts, a tax file number or superannuation details that must then be entered into your system manually.

A great onboarding experience can streamline the whole experience by having your worker enter these details online in advance and their data sync seamlessly with your payroll via an integration. Your new starter can sign their contract, watch required induction videos, undertake a background check and provide proof of qualifications or licences all before their first day on the job while you track their progress.

Meeting workforce compliance

Now this is where we can get really clever. Our onboarding workflow was designed to optimise critical workforce management functions and mitigate employment and underpayment risk. It dynamically steps you through selecting the correct engagement type for your worker and defining the role to ensure they’re classified and payrolled correctly from day one.

You can choose from a range of engagement types and positions that can be personalised with the appropriate responsibilities, the corresponding award, salary and any additional entitlements. 

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Struggling to figure out which engagement type applies? Our tech actually guides you through determining whether your worker should be classified as an employee or contractor and what your obligations around those are.

Contract templates developed by top-tier in-country law firms are pre-defined with the employment requirements for different worker classifications and then dynamically populated with your specifications around the position and candidate.

Once you’ve created your position and contract, it’s ready to be sent off as a unique link to your worker via email. This is their first step to becoming an empowered employee as they’ll be able to self-service their personal details and pay slips, lodge leave requests, timesheets, expenses and other core functions themselves from their mobile.

Assurance for the long run

A great onboarding experience using robust HR technology goes well past your new employee signing that paperless contract. It’s the beginning of bringing your people together with your payroll from day one for top-level visibility of your workforce. It’s the wider reporting capabilities of HR technology that allows for accurate insights and more strategic operational decision-making. It’s the ability to easily performance manage your worker because you’ve clearly defined their position’s responsibilities during onboarding (or terminate them with compliance by following the recommended workflow).

If you’re in the market for taking your onboarding paperless, take it that step further and bring assured workforce compliance into the consideration stage.

"To improve efficiencies in our onboarding and payroll processes, we adopted a linear model that automated workflows and provided visibility across our teams and labour costs."
Photo of Stav Vafeas, General Manager, Australian Way
Stav Vafeas
General Manager, Australian Way

EPG Payroll & HR

Our managed payroll services are underpinned by HR technology that brings assured compliance to payroll processes from day one, starting with advanced paperless onboarding. This HR technology automates your most common workflows across the end-to-end worker lifecycle and mitigates risk for your business. 

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EPG is a leading provider of payroll, HR and workforce management services across multiple jurisdictions. Powerful HCM technology underpins our permanent and contingent staffing solutions, immigration expertise and managed payroll services, bringing assured compliance to businesses globally and empowering today’s evolving workforces.

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