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Fish and chips. Sonny and Cher. A cheeky gin and tonic. There are just some things that go better together than apart.

Similarly, the days of thinking payroll and HR can continue to operate in silos are fast being left behind as modern technologies drive the integration of these two functions, bringing better efficiencies, risk mitigation and cost savings with it.

How can organisations get their senior decision makers to buy into a redesigned workforce that integrates your people and payroll with advancements in tech to harness a new way of working? Besides logistically catering to an evolved remote-working landscape, one way is to pitch a transformed service delivery that brings a more positive user experience across your payroll and HR functions.Similarly

Connecting your payroll to your HR

Coordination between HR and payroll is crucial across the employment lifecycle, from HR’s part in hiring new employees, capturing their personal information and delivering any necessary compliance inductions, to payroll’s obligation to processing their pay correctly.

The use of a human capital management (HCM) system that onboards new starters online and integrates with payroll can simplify this entire workflow. While your employee would normally have to fill in fields on paper, using an integrated HCM platform automatically captures their details online and pushes this data through to your payroll. More advanced HCM systems will also deliver any training or induction requirements in the one onboarding portal, without sending your new starter multiple links and steps to complete.

Not only does this allow them to hit the ground running on day one, but an automatic data integration also saves time for your payroll or finance teams. Removing the manual handling of this data transfer from HR to payroll additionally reduces the chance of human error.

One source of truth

With payroll having grown so much in complexity compared to what it used to be, laying a strong HR foundation will determine how your new worker is to be paid and sets your payroll team up for compliant success. It especially assists those smaller or medium-sized businesses where the line between the two is blurred due to less scope for division of labour.

EPG’s advanced onboarding ensures organisations are employing new starters correctly from day one, with assessment tools and workflows guiding HR teams in selecting the right engagement type and highlighting the employer obligations that go with it.

When the infrastructure is built to bring your payroll together with your HR, you can more easily mitigate compliance risk and establish one source of truth for your workforce. Not only does this deliver more actionable insights across your reporting, but it also gives you that all-important bird’s eye view of your people and labour costs.

Self-service the way forward

As organisations move to employee self-­service, the line between HR and payroll blurs further with unified engagement platforms enabling employees to access the most up-to-date information and payslips without bothering HR or payroll teams, along with one single interface to lodge expenses and leave requests. Mobile apps designed to empower employees and managers to access their payroll and HR on the go is functionality that any good HCM technology today should include as part of its offering.

Start transforming the HR experience into one that complements your payroll and you’re on your way to not only creating a more efficient way of working, but one that also reinvents your organisation’s relationship with its people.

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