Bringing people and payroll together for a changing landscape

Sydney, 19 November 2020 – EPG Payroll & HR (formerly Easy Payroll Global) is enabling organisational transformation by connecting HR together with payroll – two functions that have traditionally remained siloed.

The integration of the two functions establishes payroll as the source of truth to meet employment compliance and improves internal processes with reduced costs and liabilities.

EPG Payroll & HR’s Chief Operations Officer for ANZ Daniel James says traditional payroll is changing as businesses assess how they can manage their workforce more seamlessly in a changing employment landscape.

“It’s an archaic concept that these two functions should exist separately when they have such interconnected dependencies. As part of our solution, HR and payroll are linked the moment a worker is onboarded.

“It’s also time onboarding was given the proper consideration it deserves. Research shows 59% of Australian managers have had a new employee resign during their probation period due to poor onboarding processes. That has massive cost implications.”

Complementary to payroll and HR, EPG leverages an advanced technology suite that offers a wider solution for managing workforce complexities, with hiring capabilities, a learning management system, payroll software and timesheet-to-bill functionality available across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

James is confident EPG’s integrated payroll and HR solution will deliver a new level of operational success to its clients. “Businesses can’t expect to mitigate compliance risk and reduce administration burden unless payroll and HR work in harmony,” says James. “It’s time for a new approach.”

About EPG Payroll & HR
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